by Mad Trapper

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Debut record from Mad Trapper

Expect non-stop aggression from start to finish.
Bang your fucking head through a wall, and kill who's ever in the next room.


released July 31, 2013

Vocals- Danny
Guitar- Brendan
Bass- Andrew
Drums- Julian

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Sheldon



all rights reserved


Mad Trapper Toronto, Ontario

Sorrow Carrier Records

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Track Name: Born of Hatred
And I said to the to the man in white drab who's linens shon spotless, bright.
So I said with each stab, "now you wear your guilt on the outside."
Take his body, boil off the meat & you will see the evil rooted to his bones.
So much hatred and darkness poised from the very start.
This is in me, myself, & all of you, & there's nothing no one can do.
Born of hatred, fear oneself.
Evil spirits need no help.
Track Name: Ego Weendigo
Over full & breathing heavy, yet we starve for attention.
And if we vomit from the noise we carry on; it never stops.
Attention is undying, we seek for leisure to call our ploys.
Hang in [the] ether of great minds is vanity which destroys.
Look away - save your own eyes.
You must make way - life displayed in time.
Look away - smash it, it dies.
So many ways we make to waste our days on the frivilous
How's my hair? Are my clothes stylish? Do I compare to you?
Weendigo of the ego.
Track Name: Pyres
Well I say, what a predicament we're in today; where all the wolves meet the cattle & they begin to celebrate in a dance unifying the mutual knowledge that they're both just as guilty as the next. Hiding blades already stuck in their necks, they bleed on the ground where no life shall grow & no dirt will feel the warmth of sunlight.
Light the pyres.
This is no man's land, but we just refer to it as earth & we'll piss and moan that nothing is ever good enough for us.
Oh how shameless we must be.
And as the fires roar it will cleanse the already innocent to be pure.
And as the smoke rises into the clouds above, Heaven is left reeking [of burnt flesh.]
This is no man's land, but we just refer to it as earth & we'll piss and moan that nothing is ever good enough for us.
Heaven is left reeking of burnt flesh.
Light the pyres.
Track Name: Innocent
Blood boils through the veins as he watches you punish ones you say you love.
Now he awaits for the opportune moment to snatch you & teach you life lessons on his own terms.
Awakening in a dim lit room, bound and gaggged. Class is in & the first lesson starts right now.
Page 1 is where we turn 10 digits into 2, so we can see you make a hatefilled fist now.
Page 2 is where we slice through the ACL, now let's see how you give chase to the scared.
Page 3, & finally, we cut out that serpent tongue so you can never damage the soul of the innocent.
Track Name: Fools
It's all gone to hell, the whole damn plan has gone askew. We've given over leadership to the half-hearted who's opted for all to be spayed & all to be nudered. They continue to tell jokes & we all laugh, yeah we all laugh while their snake oil is passed around, underneath the table.
Running around in cirlces, our feet off time with the beat of their drum. That's what we need to feel in control. We pull the wool over our own eyes. That's what we need to feel displacement.
We are the great force pressing against the immovable object. Our bones will break, internal bleeding ensues as the pressure become too great. In our heart of hearts we are fooled as we feel we control our own destiny.
Track Name: Burning Moth
Into the blinding light where love is lost to darkness.
We create single paths to rob ourselves of judgement.
Gone are the days where we would fight for one another.
Say hello to the polished new aesthetic of one for one & none for you.
Say hello.
The candle burns bright, but not with the frantic show like the burning moth.
We stand to applaud the charred carcass when the light lead him to his own death.
Now we stand aside, let the lovers die.
As the ashes wisp away we forget about the grey [& only] remember the blinding light at the forefront of our lives. The hand reaching out gets lopped at the wrist, all we see is unloved or weakness.
Track Name: Meaning(less)
Bite, scratch.
In this life, we're worthless. Bred to work, born to die.
Our loyalty to the manufacture of useless production is what tells us the weight we bare in this world.
See the world, you're meaningless.
Absence of soul.
These men in suits won't hesitate to blacken life, leave you skull-fucked; lobotomized, with soulless eyes. Just a drone that doesn't think life is about living.
Out and into the wild yonder you'll realize all your raised to think is just a lie. Cocooned in your sense of worth and safety, it's sad to see so many dead men left breathing.
Track Name: Magnum Opus
I stand, I wait, wait, wait, give up.
Watch life bloom in real time; no sign.
I stand, I wait, wait, wait, then die.
There's no more point and no more time.
Trim the fat and discard. Leave the waste to bloat and rot.
No sympathy for the weak, kill them with the mirrors they seek.
Don't look back.
Why is it that every time I look onto the masses I am filled with anger.
Material replaces humanity and squeaky clean are dense with the filth of the world.
I see the flesh under your finger tips from the innocent you climbed over without a hint of care or morailty you leave them scarred and bled. How is it that we justify letting the best of us get run over so that the ones that don't need us remain in charge of us.
No point left, no saving us.
Kill us, start anew.