Dead Living

by Mad Trapper

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released June 29, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Sheldon



all rights reserved


Mad Trapper Toronto, Ontario

Sorrow Carrier Records

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Track Name: Claws
I'd say you were like an animal, but you have never been that pure.
Your hold on me is tight, binds like the night but twice as dark.
Vicious Fiend.
Remove your claws, release my crippled heart and just let me go.
Remove your claws, because I don't want to fuck, just let me go.
Remove your claws.
Track Name: Dead Living
There it is, can't you see?
All this time, can it be?!
Branded into fresh flesh.
The demons and sirens guise.
They show how they stay hidden in the madness of the masses.
In the darkness of our heart they drink our infinite hate.
Dead Living.
Track Name: Takeover
Humanity is an overcooked sow & we're all the premature babes who's debilitating cries fled from the bulging stomach as it burned.
Wake. See. Kill. Repeat.
When we wake we only look for what can be triumphed.
In our own god-like fashion.
Humanity is an overcooked sow & we're all the premature babes who's debilitating cries fled from a torn cunt that we all defiled.
How can we say that we're the supreme beings when we commit and glamorize our darkest side with all the thieving, rape, and murder.
The truth is bleak. Let hate takeover.
Track Name: Ghost Meat
Split the great divide, and divide all that has been split. Pieces that have chosen a side to create a whole & with every whole they bare a shovel; constantly digging themselves into a hole.
One loves to hate and the other hates what they love.
It's a mathematical equation that has existed since the beginning of time, though it is to be solved to ensure survival of the species, it cannot be read.
Alien language that's written by our kin.
Panicked eyes scramble to decipher. Dilated, they see no end.
Panicked eyes scramble.
They cross themselves out.
(Eyes only have so many colors, yet with every shade are a million thoughts, infinite perceptions, bending light into twisted reality.)
Track Name: Worst Case Ontario
Clouds wisp by the moon, dodging knives thrown through a fevered fit of rage.
Not one cut into flesh, but the blood is still everywhere.
Trees in congregation. Intertwined are the branches masquerading as boney fingers with infinite knuckles.
Witches of the blight floating effortlessly through the thick of the hordes, encumbered cackles.
Whispers echo through the night, piercing the thickest hides, strangling the hardest souls, wasting life to all those who take them in wholly. Shed your walls, admit defeat.
...And I knew this was never love. (lover)
Track Name: Internalized
I sit inside myself, cleaning & stitching up the wounds that simply refuse to comply.
Come one, come all, this is where the show is, this is where the wolves come from miles around.
they say we come into this world and exit it alone, but refuse to talk about what happens in between.
Truth is we were always alone and it cannot be changed.
Every battle ever fought has been within you & like most wars, neither side will truly win.
Daggers and spears flay chunks of flesh, and each demon feasts on your spoiled meat.
Internalized cannibalism, stuck pig bled dry and thrown into the trough.
cut myself from sternum to cullion to emerge from the inside out, wiping shit off my skin.
feeling anew although i am still dealing with my own shit eating grin.
We were always alone.
We are always alone.
Track Name: Caved In
Caved In
If it wasn't for the monsters under my bed I don't think I'd have a reason to exist.
If it wasn't for the skeletons in my closet I'd have nothing to fashion into weapons.
If it wasn't for the empty space in my soul I'd be whole & have nothing left but to dig a hole.
Throw myself in, throw myself in, throw myself in & feel the dirt shower onto my head. Fill the gaps in my teeth, exposed from my promiscuous grin.
Throw myself in, throw myself in, throw myself in & feel my rib cage cave in. The weight of the world cannot compare with the things I've done in my head.
How far removed we've come from something as natural to this world as being eaten alive.
It's violence, it's sexual, it's everything we've allowed ourselves to become.
If it wasn't for the monsters under my bed I'd have no reason not to be dead.
If it wasn't for the darkness I hold to (so tightly) the light would burn right through me.
Track Name: 1/3
One of the original three first to fall, crashing through the earth. From hence forth making their own world.
None sit higher on this throne of chaos where pure hate dwells and the suffering swells.
Emperor of hell.
Implementing jealousy into your heart & causing mutilation to enthrall; the lord of flies destroys all he wants even in eternal rest he sends the priest to sins of the flesh.
Track Name: Philosophies of the Elite Disguised as Wisdom
If a tree falls in the woods, does it truly make a sound?" The ignorance of such a question shows we do not deserve the crown. To think that something so unable to be tamed such as sound belongs only to our ears when in our presence - so woefully profound.
If a man falls and breaks his legs he'll argue that it made such sickening noise. His screams will echo off the walls of the mountains encompassing him;
a truly scenic coffin (for his death.)
And when the critters come for easy meat, they act as if his screams cease while chewing up his living tissue. Like a film on mute he pleads for mercy but they hear nothing. Deaf monsters eat til' bellies fatten.
Living is living & sound is as alive as the host that grants its existence.
Such horrific ways we all deserve to go. Consumed wholly while heart still beats for thinking we're above any other thing thats living.
If a tree falls & a man dies screaming, do they really make a sound?
Track Name: Paths
Two paths to take to get through the torment and pain, and with each path a mere glance will not show the end. To one side you have darkness & only a lantern to guide you through it, and to the other: illuminated colors of warmth showing you the way, although the sky is black as clouds boil like tar. Take no heed for warning and go with the warmth of colors that dance around like fireflies; believe their lies.
And as you walk along you notice the light pull away into obscurity, & what was the path has disappeared. Stuck in the blackness you hear creatures circle you, panicked as you not know how long they've been there, or how close they are.
One jumps at your back and sinks teeth into your neck. It does not tear, only pins you down as the other peel off the flesh of your legs.
You hear them gnaw on your bones, you feel them licking the blood off your skin, lie there knowing you killed yourself for pretty colors & a seemingly easier path. As frightening as the other seemed you realized the lantern would have allowed you to control the light on your way. You die in darkness, solemn, alone.
Track Name: Rat River
Rat River
How vain one must be to opt for being less wiser over wanting to know how it is, how it's always been. Clandestine schemes to rewrite history for the sake of remaining poised; eloquently soaked in a golden hue which implies the highest knowledge. Eloquently soaked in a golden hue. Walking few paces behind, quiet, shallow steps hidden in shadows is a simple line which would shatter the realm of which one has posed onto oneself.
Truth stays silent as the perverse drowns in the wrongness perceived as righteousness. Ya.