Moments Before Death

by Mad Trapper

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released March 1, 2017

Mad Trapper - Music
Davis Maxwell - Recording & Mastering



all rights reserved


Mad Trapper Toronto, Ontario

Sorrow Carrier Records

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Track Name: Creatures
Taking notice of the burning sensation of my back, There was a complexity I had not paid mind to, until now.
Adrenaline was all but completely gone, and under my flesh was a movement that was alien to human nature.
Slithering and bubbling, like air pockets moving around the ingredients of a cooking stew.
Creatures! Hungry creatures!
Dwellers of the ground & soil had already begun the feasting process.
Creatures! Hungry creatures!
I scream and howl aty the top but they act as if I'm muted while they twist and rip flesh from my broken body.
I hear a rush, feel a desparate clamp, then terrible tugging as everything fades.
Track Name: Sad Shit
Before my eyes even open I can tell I'm surrounded by water.
Senses are numbed,
heart-rate increases
seems as loud as war drums playing on the march to an eventual death.
A part of me is missing. Scarlet red water from an incision left open; unattended.
A soft buzzing, the flickering of flourescents.
A moment of honesty brings to fruition the thought of how nice this has all been. Most, for lack of a better word, misadventures, end much worse.
Track Name: PSP
I've seen so many different faces. Features that can vary so much at times one could believe that there are multiple species.
Though it's through the actions that all these degrees of features show just how alike we all are.
Lewd, conniving, heinous, psychotic.
I see people at their worst, I am people at their worst.
And it gets so dark.
That I can't imagine any amount of afterlife to make up for all I've seen; all I've felt.
A void that devours.
All I see now when staring into these faces is a negative space.
Let extinction in. Let the end of days begin. Let it come swift, or let it takes its time.